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True reconstruction of the legendary Types Brescia T13, T30,T37A, T35T, T35B, T43, T51,T55, T57, etc. High quality and very accurately hand-crafted due to a long experience restoring Bugatti, A. Romeo, Mercedes pre war and Maserati, using old  and partly original materials and parts / patina induces a breath of soul into the cars.

Also in the PurSang scope Alfa 6C RTL and 8C Monza, 8C Zagato, 8C Touring, 8C 2900, 8C 35 and 308, a Monoposto 8C, 3800cm³, 320PS, 330km/h

Complete cars & parts like engines, transmiss., chassis, axles, differential, accessories, radiators, bodies, etc., to complete or restore your car.

Worldwide supply and technical assistance ensures a perfect service.

Category:   PurSang
  • 1913
  • Simplex
Body Type:
  • Open
  • grey

Reconstruction of a Mercedes Simplex from 1908, 4cylinders, bi-blocks 5.000cm³ engine, chain driven, 120km/h

Category:   PurSang

Type T55, 8cylinders, 2300cm³ engine, 130HP, leather sits, beautiful Body with fenders and tops, also appropiate for a road

Category:   PurSang

Type 43, beautiful Aluminum, 8C, 2300cm³ (120HP) engine, roots blower, frame, transmission, differential, axles, like an original, widely cockpit and leather sits, appropriate not only for racing also for a road.

Category:   PurSang

Type Mille Miglia 8C, straight 8C engine, twin overhead, 2.300ccm³, beautiful Aluminum body, widely 2 leather sits. Appropriate not only for racing also for road driving

Category:   PurSang

Type Monza 8C, straight 8C engine, twin overhead, 2.300ccm³,

Category:   PurSang

Type T51: 8cylinders, 2300cm³ engine, twin overhead,  supercharger, 170HP, leather sits.

Category:   PurSang

Type T37A, 4cylinders, 1.5liter engine, supercharger, leather sits.

Category:   PurSang

Type T35B, 8cylinders, 2.300cm³ engine, supercharger, 170HP, approx. 210km/h.

Category:   PurSang

Brescia Type T13, 1.4liter, 4cylinders engine, 16valves head, 450kg, approx. 140km/h

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